I can offer expertise in concept and menu development, kitchen design, staff training and events

I can start at any stage in the business – from concept development and initial sourcing, planing and costing to the setting up and opening, or I can provide analysis and advice for a more developed business, to deliver staff training to improve menu consistency or to increase variety. I can also help you to build your kitchen team by proving assisting with recruitment or developing staff policies, staff manuals and so on.

The period before you open a new restaurants is crucial: careful planning and budget projections can make the difference between early profitability or years of struggling to break even. Tastes and trends; what people want in a new opening can vary wildly depending on market variables. I can help you to make sure that your project meets the demands of the local market and represents an authentic and above all enjoyable experience.

If you need help with any aspect of an Italian food business – from securing the right produce to branding or matching your tableware with your concept: get in touch!

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